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Invest-Park is a municipal company which was established by the City of Piła.

Scope of activity: The project fits into the strategy of the City of Piła in the area of creation of favorable conditions for raising invesment attractiveness and the development of entrepreneurship in Piła subregion.

It is expected that the creation of economic zone i n Piła in the area of 21.9 ha will trigger economic development of the city and the sub-region inhabited by more than 400 thousand people. New invesments will arise as result of incentives for investors in the area of special economic zone ang this influence the development of the city in particular:

According to the new market requirements and expectations of the ownership, the company conducts its activity aiming at creatin favorable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship. The activity of the company will be based in particular on:

– Creation the space and the pattern of providing comprehensive services tp the sector of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Piła sub-region in one place within the framework of Piła Business Incubator

Next to abovementioned Inwest-Park provides services in the area of:

Inwest-Park is located in the center of Piła, near Gwda river in a very short distance to public transport and easy acces from the ring road. It is the largest office building in Piła. Close to the building there are residential areas and leisure center called Park on the Island. Because of its history it is recognizable place on the city map.